I met fifth harmony on Thursday. This is what happened okay so I was waiting and then I walked in and they all gave me a group hug and said I was super pretty and I was like can I tell you guys something and they were like ‘of course’ so I was like ‘I just wanted to say thank you because a few months ago I was in a really dark place’ and then the camera guy like started counting for the picture and Lauren was like ’ hey give us a minute’ and she was like ‘okay continue’ and I was like ’ well when I got these tickets in order to keep them my mom made me promise that I would stay strong and I am 58 days clean of self harm bc you inspired me to get better’ and they all were like ‘aww I love you so much’ and hugged me again and camila and Lauren kissed my cheek and then we posed for the pic and after the pic they each individually hugged me again but Lauren like grabbed my face and was like ‘I am so proud of you okay? I want you to promise me something. I want you to promise me that you will stay strong’ and then we pinky promised and she hugged me and was like ’ I love you so much’ and kissed my cheek again. And after that I felt so free. As soon as I got home I threw all of my blades away and I can’t even explain how much this day meant to me. They saved me. It would mean the world to me if they could see this because I really want to just thank them for everything. 💕


i still think its 2012

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looking through old messages likeimage

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